PowerHouz is the Most Advanced Home Automation App on the AppStore.  
It takes advantage of the Apple iOS HomeKit technology and allows you to manage all of your HomeKit accessories from one place


Users Module

We added another dimension to home automation by bringing the users a little closer together. PowerHouz has a proximity detection feature, which indicates when a user is around the house and allows you to communicate and share information with the other residents straight from the App.

HomeKit Compatible

PowerHouz is compatible with all of your HomeKit Accessories: Switches, Lights, Fans, Outlets, Garage Door Openers, Locks and Thermostats. Accessories are organized by Houses, Zones and Rooms

Advanced user Interface

Designed by experts to provide the most fluid and simple experience. All functions are accessible from one single screen with collapsable panels for settings, users, and accessories.


To create PowerHouz, we brought together the best talents. We have set a new standard for usability while creating the best home automation experience.

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PowerHouz is a Universal App working seamlessly on iPhones, iPads  and iPods in portrait or landscape modes.  It also has the Apple Watch extension and is Translated in 6 Languages.  Sold in every Countries!