Apple HomeKit

HomeKit Architecture

PowerHouz is built from the ground up using the latest Apple HomeKit Protocol and based of iOS Swift, the most advanced programming language from Apple.

Homekit Accessories Set up and Management

PowerHouz is fully compatible with all HomeKit Accessories and integrates the Quick Accessory Set up Functionality. With the latest Generation of Apple TV, all functionalities are also accessible from a regular internet connection, even away from home.

Universal App


PowerHouz is working simultaneously on iPod, iPhone and iPad and is translated in 6 languages. It is offering a bright and dark color scheme to match all type of interiors.

Apple Watch Version

PowerHouz includes the Apple Watch version allowing the users to command their accessories, Actions Sets and Service Groups straight from their wrist.


Calendar and Reminder

Fully integrated with the iOS Calendars and Reminders, PowerHouz lets you view your information and edit or create new items directly from the App.  The Home Dashboard also includes the Weather Forecast to make it the ideal companion for your Kitchen counter and will stay on as long as it is plugged to the wall.

Weather and Activity Rings

PowerHouz displays your Activity Rings on the Home Dashboard (iPhone Only) so that you can keep track of your progress and stay active.  At night, the Night Stand mode automatically record your sleep time and save it to your HealthKit information.

Users Interaction Module

PowerHouz has a proximity detection feature, which indicates when a user is around the house and allows you to communicate and share information with the other residents, neighbors, home or emergency services straight from the App.

App Shortcuts

PowerHouz added the ability to add 3rd Party Apps shortcuts making it by default the ideal Home Portal Application. This new functionality make it very easy to access other Accessories' App and organize them following the HomeKit Architecture (Homes, Zones and Rooms).

Wide Target Menus


PowerHouz also innovated with large Targets Menus allowing users to easily make selections while on the move.


Night Stand


The Night Stand Mode is truly revolutionary. By simply tilting an iPhone or iPad on a night stand, PowerHouz automatically triggers a complex sequence of actions. Without even the touch of a button, PowerHouz will execute a scene of the user's choice (closing doors, lights, turning on the alarm...), it will start recording sleep time in HealthKit and set itself in a low light dashboard to let the user monitor his entire house at a glance. In case of an incident like a window opening, a leak or smoke detection, PowerHouz will wake up the user immediately for him to take action.
In the morning, as the user wakes up and pick up his device, PowerHouz will automatically trigger the Morning routine scene, record the sleep time in HealthKit and go back to its regular display.

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Security Features

PowerHouz is taking a new approach to security by leveraging its Users and Accessories Actions Sets Module.  By using these modules, PowerHouz provides the user with an easy way to trigger multiple messages to Residents, Neighbors and even Emergency Services in conjunction with HomeKit Actions Set (Locking Doors, Triggering Alarm etc).  By doing so, PowerHouz is facilitating faster responses times and better outcomes.

Energy Optimization

Service Groups, Actions Set and Triggers

Advanced HomeKit Functionalities are all easily accessible from PowerHouz through the multi-panels user interface. These include the Service Groups, Actions Sets and Triggers but also the Users and Homes Management.





A few HomeKit aggregators have surfaced but none are designed like PowerHouz.  From the User interface to the IT Architecture, PowerHouz is already compatible with all HomeKit Services available and is built to integrate the future HomeKit enhancements as well as the Security, Energy Conservation, and Procurement modules.  From the Functionalities and Usability to the Features set, PowerHouz is superior in every ways.


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