Home Builder Solutions

 Home Automation Solution for Home Builders

PowerHouz is offering a Turn-key Home Automation solution for Home Builders.

PowerHouz do not require wiring, expensive installations or contract.

PowerHouz Solution is based of the highly secured Apple HomeKit Standard providing end to end encryption security and runs on any iOS Devices.


What is the Market Potential?


Juniper Research estimates that the automated home will be a $71 billion industry by 2020.

Apple Home Automation strategy is based on a framework for home automation called HomeKit.

NextMarket Insight projects that by 2020, 180 Million Apple HomeKit Devices will be sold annually.

What Problem are we Solving?


Users need several Apps to manage all of their Home Automation, Security and Home Procurement services.  Each of these Apps require their own set-up and force users to navigate multiple user interfaces.  PowerHouz is compatible with all HomeKit devices and integrates all these Apps in one easily understandable stand-alone App.



Life Betterment

Automation, Security, Energy Savings and Procurement for Home Services are key aspects of every day life.  PowerHouz will help users save money and time while giving them peace of mind, simplicity and efficiency.


Current solutions dictate a professional installation, proprietary hardware and expensive yearly contracts.  PowerHouz is the first to bring a standardized comprehensive solution offering expandability, durability, low pricing and advanced capabilities.


The Ultimate HomeKit Home Automation Hub


The Ultimate HomeKit Home Automation Hub



Integrated Solution

  • Home Automation
  • Security Monitoring
  • Communication Hub
  • Energy Optimization
  • Services Procurement
  • Multimedia Hub

Industry Standard

  • By leveraging Apple iOS and HomeKit, we are insuring a technology that is durable, expandable and also low cost
  • HomeKit and iOS end to end encryption is the ultimate security level which is critical to the end users

HomeKit Accessories Bundle Sample

  • 8 Outlets
  • 2 Thermostats
  • 2 Door Locks
  • 5 Sensors
  • 1 Garage Door opener
  • 4 Door Sensors
  • 4 Smoke Alarm Detectors
  • 4 Fans
  • 1 Apple TV
  • 1 iPad
  • 1 Wall Plate
  • + Installation