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Unleash the Power in Powerhouz!

Contacts Module

The Users Module allows you to communicate and share information with the other residents, neighbors, home or emergency services straight from the App.  The ability to add emergency services contact will allow PowerHouz to trigger an instant alert to the given contact in case of an emmergency. 

Calendar/Reminders Integration

Fully integrated with the iOS Calendars and Reminders, PowerHouz lets you view your schedule and edit or create new items directly from the App.  The Home Dashboard also includes the Weather Forecast to make it the ideal companion for your Kitchen counter and will stay on as long as it is plugged to the wall.

HealthKit Integration

PowerHouz displays your Activity Rings on the Home Dashboard (iPhone Only) so that you can keep track of your progress and stay active.  At night, the Night Stand mode automatically record your sleep time and save it to your HealthKit information.

Security Module

PowerHouz is taking a new approach to security by leveraging its home automation and communication functions.  By using these, PowerHouz provides the user with an easy way to trigger instant alerts to Residents, Neighbors and even Emergency Services in conjunction with HomeKit Actions Set (Locking Doors, Triggering Alarm etc).

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