PowerHouz is the only iOS solution integrating Home Automation, Security, Communication, Energy Management and Scheduling. 

Everything you need for your Home in one App


PowerHouz provides the most advanced virtual support directly from your iPhone or iPad. Our installers network of Licensed Electricians will be able to take care of the accessories installation and their initial set up in order to make it completely effortless for you


The PowerHouz app lets you use all of the HomeKit features while adding key functionalities like the surveillance mode or the communication functions to easily reach your family, neighbors or emergency services


PowerHouz takes a more proactive approach to security by triggering automated actions based on the risk level and providing emergency protocols and communication alerts in case of an actual threat


Our team of HomeKit experts have reviewed each HomeKit Accessories and will be able to recommend the best accessories custom to your needs.  Our services include the fulfillment, installation and setup.



PowerHouz brings it all together in one simple and intuitive user interface. For users who are tired of constantly switching form Apps to Apps, PowerHouz simplifies and empowers their experience.

PowerHouz is the only App available to integrate all the basic functions needed when home:
– Home Automation
– Calendars and Reminders
– Weather Forecast
– Security Monitoring
– Night Stand
– HealthKit Activity Rings and Sleep Tracking
– Communication with residents, neighbors, emergency and home services


The PowerHouz App is a Universal App working seamlessly on iPhones, iPads, iPods, Apple Watch and Apple TV.  It  is Translated in 6 Languages.

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