10 gifts to make your home a ‘smart home’

The smart home revolution is only beginning. It’s largely believed that one day all products in the house will be connected to the Internet and work together — your fridge will send a message to your TV telling you you’re out of milk; the lights will flicker if you’ve left the front door open.

But before we get to the point where products are figuratively talking to one another, manufacturers are launching web-connected items alongside their traditional offerings. This includes everything from smart thermostats and garage doors to toothbrushes, tennis racquetsand even your bed. They collect data about how you use them, learn your habits, typically connect to an app and give you feedback to improve your lifestyle.

These products are a part of a larger concept called the “Internet of Things,” which refers to items and things that are web-connected. But it’s not just small products — big ticket items likerefrigerators are getting smarter too; there are even models that connect (and play) Internet radio, serve up recipes from popular webpages and even send your tweets.

Although a new fridge isn’t something you’d likely give someone for the holidays, there are a ton of smart appliances and other gadgets that are useful in the home.

From smart coffee pots to thermostats that adjust the temperature when it knows you’re on your way home from work, here’s a look at some of the top smart gifts for the home this season.