Fibaro HomeKit-Enabled Multi Sensor Review

The Fibaro Motion Sensor is spherical, with a simple snap-on stand to keep it in place. It’s hard not to notice the similarity between the Fibaro Motion and an eye —which is even more noticeable when the light is on.The shell is able to rotate and separate to house the small CR123A battery hidden inside. On the front is a diffused LED light to give visual feedback whenever motion is detected. The base is rather small, so if placed near an edge, has the propensity to be knocked over and roll away. At the same time, the shape gives you a huge range of orientations. Placement is key with motion sensors, so being able to angle this in nearly any direction you’d like is ideal. Instead of just setting it on a table, the tiny base can be mounted to a wall or ceiling, making it even more secure. At a minimum, a piece of removable adhesive can be placed under it to make sure it never accidentally gets bumped around.

Fibaro didn’t just pack a single motion sensor into this device, they also packed in a light and temperature sensor as well. Those are usually two separate devices. With this combination, it is even more powerful. Fans can be turned on when it becomes too warm or the thermostat can be adjusted. Using the light sensor of the Fibaro Motion, we can even say only turn on the nightlight when it is after sunset, people are home, and it is dark in the hallway or room. These types of intelligent rules make a big difference living with it every day and having a light turn on only when needed, and not otherwise.

Sensors and carefully crafted automation rules can help make your home make changes itself instead of always relying on interaction from you. The Fibaro Door/Window HomeKit-enabled Contact Sensor is also a good addition.

There are a ton of perks to having a motion sensor in your HomeKit-equipped home. Motion sensors can do everything from alert you if there is someone in a restricted area, to triggering lights on and off as you enter or leave rooms, or enabling a nightlight in hallways.

Siri can also be used. She can let you know if lights are on in a room based on the light levels, if there are people in a specific room based on the motion, and what the temperature is.

A quick note, like many HomeKit accessories, Fibaro Motion runs on Bluetooth. That means to run automation tasks and recieve alerts remotely, you will need a Home Hub. That can mean a HomePod, an Apple TV, or an iPad.



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