Best Door and Window Sensors For HomeKit

In a world of home automation, the one thing you are never convinced about is safety and privacy. Can you really depend on sensors to do such an important task for you?

Of course you can! It all depends on the window and door sensors you have selected. The sensors do everything – releasing a loud siren, triggering your home security system, and sending you an alert on your smart phone so you know what’s happening in your home even if you are not there.

The window and door sensors are intelligently designed and can be synced up with other HomeKit accessories. For instance, your smart thermostat would know to change the indoor temperature if a window is open. So what are some of the best window and door sensors that comply with Apple’s HomeKit?

Koogeek Door & Window Sensor

The window and door sensors are simple and inexpensive at $32. Apart from tripping off the security alarms and notifications of open windows and doors, Koogeek’s sensors can influence the functioning of other accessories in your HomeKit system if you have integrated it to. You can count on about one year of battery life since Koogeek’s sensor uses Bluetooth Low Energy to connect to your HomeKit setup. For instance, you can configure the sensors to turn off the lights of the home whenever you leave. So now that’s one less thing to worry about when you scurrying out on a busy morning.


Fibaro Window & Door Sensor

Fibaro has a little more to offer with its window and door sensors. The devices are built with sensors for tamper protection and temperature which helps you know the status of your doors and windows – whether they are open or close – and the temperature of those rooms. The sensor protects itself from being tampered with and notify you if it detects any attempt to detach, remove, or open. The sensors use Bluetooth Low Energy and the company claims that the battery can last for about 2 years. Unlike most brands, Fibaro offers window and door sensors in different colors at $60.

Elgato Eve Door and Window Wireless Sensors

Elgato Even offer two-piece sensor that detects any open windows or doors. Eve is available only on iOS and works smoothly when integrated with HomeKit setup. Setting it up takes no more than 5 minutes and you will notice that it works well with voice commands like Siri. The batteries are replaceable and the sensors connect to your smart home setup on Bluetooth Low Energy. Eve offers data logging functions in it’s app, drawing up a comprehensive timeline of opening and closing windows and doors. So if you are someone who wants to keep a keen eye on your family members, this may be your trick. The design of the Eve sensors allow it to work on uneven landscapes.