iOS HomeKit App rumor spread. Oh but wait, there is already a standalone HomeKit App!

There actually is a standalone Homekit App, compatible with all of its accesories and that’s Powerhouz.


With HomeKit, the automation of tasks can be achieved by using Triggers and in its new version PowerHouz allows to use triggers based of other accessories characteristics, user’s location, time and even special events like Sunset/Sunrise/Twilight.

These new functionalities take PowerHouz to the next level where most Home Automation systems just cannot compete. Merging the iOS technology with Home Automation functionalities allows to finally get to a level of automation and simplicity that is relevant to the users.

For instance, You can trigger an actions set based of an event (the front door unlocks) and a condition (it is past midnight). Or trigger an actions set using a geofencing trigger (open the garage door when I arrive home).
PowerHouz also added a proprietary function to allow Sunset/Sunrise/Twilight triggers. These are set based of the Home address and the trigger time gets automatically updated every day to keep up with the sunrise and sunset time change.

All the App functions are available on the go, and accessible from one screen with collapsible panels for accessories, users, and settings. Furthermore, users can easily set up their HomeKit configuration from the App, which is shared with any other HomeKit App or Siri, so users will never have to enter their information multiple times.

PowerHouz is definitely one of the best solution you can find to manage your HomeKit Accessories. It is the Home Automation App that simplifies the Homekit advantages and takes them to a level of comfort, reliability, good looks and high quality standards

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