HomeKit, iPad Pro, PowerHouz and Basalte Eve combined for the Ultimate Home Automation Experience

Basalte Eve

Looking for the the best of all Home Automation Solutions? The combination of the best tablet on the Market, the most versatile Home Automation system, the best Home Automation App and the best Wall Mount for a pristine solution. HomeKit, iPad Pro, PowerHouz and Basalte Eve are now combined for the Ultimate Home Automation Experience!

The best tablet

The iPad Pro is the top of the line of Apple with a beautiful screen, plenty of power and a numerous Apps available to manage pretty much anything around the house.

The best Home Automation System

With HomeKit fully integrated in the iOS, users can leverage their iPhone, iPad, Apple Tv and Apple Watch to manage their Home Accessories or just talk to them via Siri. It is also one of the most secured protocol on the market and with a fast growing choice of accessories.

The best App

PowerHouz has the most advanced HomeKit Functionalities on the market and with its clean design user interface, it looks like it is taken from a science fiction movie. It allows users to manage any HomeKit Accessories, create groups and scenes or automate actions based on events, time or geolocation of the users. PowerHouz is also loaded with a Communication and security module for a complete set of services.

The best Wall Mount with Basalte Eve

To make it look good, use the Basalte Eve, design mounts for iPad made of high-grade aluminum and fully encapsulated solution. It will keep the iPad safe and charged.

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PowerHouz is owned by Zysco (S.Corp)