Hunter Signal Ceiling Fan – Review

Hunter ceiling fans is the first home ceiling fans in the market that are compliant with Apple HomeKit. The Hunter Signal ceiling fan is Wi-Fi enabled and includes a built-in LED light and can be controlled by Siri from other Apple devices and can be integrated with other smart home accessories through the Home app.The Hunter ceiling fan can be switched on/off and the speed can be adjusted with the HomeKit control. The fan also comes with a tiny remote. The light is bright enough and the speed is impressive, effective, and quiet. It responds instantly to my Siri voice commands to adjust the lights and fan speed.

The light can also be controlled and the mode switching can be automated based on time and location. You can set up a goodnight scene in the HomeKit app. The sleep timer ranges from 15 minutes to 12 hours and has separate fan and light settings. The feature allows you to set the fan and the light multiple daily or weekly times. It also offers a security setting that you can use while you’re away by randomly switching the lights on and off between the set times and days to make it look like somebody is home.

Installing the fan is relatively easy, but you’ll need a basic knowledge of wiring, a couple of tools, and of course a ladder. Once you have installed the fan, you will have to download the iOS app to set up the fan to work with HomeKit, and create a Hunter account. You’ll have to configure its Wi-Fi settings and pair the fan to the app. The instructions are quite clear.

With the Hunter fan, you can use your iOS smartphone you can cool down and light up any room in your home. Integrate it with your HomeKit platform and connect it with other HomeKit devices.