iDevices Dimmer Switch Review

There are lots of ways to put smart home tech to work, but one of the easiest and most compelling might be voice-activated control of your lights. iDevices Dimmer Switch does that job no matter which voice control platform you’re using.

iDevices Dimmer Switch replaces traditional wall light switches to add smart home features to traditional lights. Wire it into your wall in place of one of your existing light switches, and you’ll be able to program that light to turn on and off automatically, control it remotely from your phone or adjust the brightness using voice commands. The dimmer switch works with HomeKit support means you can use Siri to turn lights on or off, adjust brightness levels, and create scenes and automations through Apple’s Home app.

Dimmer Switch looks similar to a traditional wall switch. It also features a small nightlight so you can easily find the wall switch in the dark. You can also pair multiple Dimmer Switches together over Bluetooth to control one light from more than one wall switch.

More details on iDevices Dimmer Switch:

  • Customizable Dimming Capabilities: With intelligent features such as in-app dim range settings to prevent low-level bulb flicker and last-state brightness memory, users can truly personalize their lighting and smart home experience.
  • Works with All the Leading Voice Control Platforms: The iDevices Dimmer Switch is the only hub-less smart dimmer that works with Siri®, Alexa and the Google Assistant.
  • Fits into the Walls of Any Home: With a sleek, minimalist design that fits any standard rocker faceplate, the iDevices Dimmer Switch seamlessly integrates into any home’s existing lighting system.
  • Enhanced Functionality and Simple Installation: The iDevices Dimmer Switch is installed just like a traditional wall switch, and can be installed in single pole, 3- and 4-way setups with no extra wiring needed.
  • Customizable LED Night Light: One of iDevices’ signature design features, the built-in LED night light is both functional and attractive, allowing users to locate the iDevices Dimmer Switch in the dark with a wide range of color choices.

The Dimmer Switch joins a growing family of iDevices smart home gadgets that already includes a plug-in smart switch, a connected thermostat, a screw adapter for light bulbs, a smart wall outlet and more. The best buy is the 3 pack iDevices switch. Like the dimmer, all of them work with all three major voice control platforms, making the entire lineup accessible to just about anyone who’s interested in smartening up their living space.


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