LiftMaster MYQ 819LMB MyQ Home Bridge – Review

Now you can say “Siri, open my garage doors”. The LiftMaster MyQ Home Bridge is garage door opener that syncs with Apple HomeKit and is Siri-enabled. The MyQ bridge is relatively small at about the size of two iPhone Pluses side-by-side (it’s much thicker, but that’s the square dimension). It mounts directly to your wall in the garage via two screws, and needs little more than a power outlet and WiFi signal. Your garage likely has a ceiling outlet for the garage door, and the MyQ bridge can simply tap right into the free outlet there.The MyQ installation is conceptually simple. It finds the MyQ bridge, and offers to sync it with HomeKit. From there, you simply have to pair the actual opener with the bridge by pressing a button on the opener itself, and you’re up and running.

MyQ Home Bridge works with MyQ enabled garage door openers (without built in Wi-Fi) and MyQ lighting. It also provides these compatibility details:

  • MyQ-enabled garage door openers
  • LiftMaster Wi-Fi enabled garage door openers. MyQ Home Bridge adds HomeKit compatibility, smartphone control already included with Wi-Fi openers
  • LiftMaster MyQ Lighting Controls (models WSLCEV, PILCEV, 823LM and 825LM)
  • LiftMaster Internet Gateway (MyQ Home Bridge is a replacement for this device and adds HomeKit compatibility)

The MyQ Home Bridge requires that your existing garage door opener already support MyQ wireless connectivity through one of three methods: built-in MyQ Wi-Fi support within the opener, a non-smart garage door opener linked to a MyQ Garage hub, or add-on Wi-Fi connectivity for a MyQ-enabled opener using a MyQ Internet Gateway.

To sum it up, LiftMaster MyQ garage door is a great extension of your HomeKit Accessories and will allow you to include your Garage Door into any of the PowerHouz functions.