Logitech Circle 2 Indoor/Outdoor Weatherproof Camera Review

Buying accessories complying with your HomeKit app can be quite a hunt. A wide array of accessories and brands are available for every control of your smart home. Before making decisions, it is wise to do a little of research especially when it comes to security.

Logitech Circle 2 camera is a versatile security camera that complies with Apple’s HomeKit and is built for both indoors and outdoors. It operates on wired and wireless zones. It’s main feature is it’s weatherproof design. Logitech gives a weatherproof extension cable with it’s Circle 2 camera, which helps wiring the camera safely outdoors. Setting up the camera is child’s play, quite unlike usual Wi-Fi cameras. The company offers a range of accessories that let you mount the camera on a wall or a window wirelessly or plugged into a power outlet. A home security tool should work safely, round the clock, and in all seasons which makes Logitech’s weatherproof and wireless feature is a significant advantage.

You can also opt for the wire-free model of Logitech’s Circle 2 camera. It has rechargeable batteries that can work up to 3 months and can be replaced with new ones while the original ones charge.

By linking Circle 2 to your HomeKit app, you get a wide view – 180-degree – of the indoors and outdoor of your home on any of your iOS devices. The 1080p camera relays high-quality live feed and has a ‘Night Vision’ to give you a clear view of upto 15 feet at night. You can even receive notifications on your iPhone and Apple Watch. Interestingly, the Logitech offers a 24-hour event-based cloud storage.

The Logitech camera is not restricted to smarthome operation. Even if it is not a part of home automation, the camera can be controlled directly by mobile apps on both iOS and Android platforms.

The enjoyable feature of the Circle 2 security camera is that it answers to Siri once you have integrated it into your home automation system. You can say, “Hey, Siri. Show me the living room camera” and you will immediately get live feed from your living room.

The Logitech Circle 2 camera can be noted as a premium option in it’s segment given that it’s features – a wide-angled view, app navigation, cloud storage, weatherproof, reliability, and indoor/outdoor flexibility – are unmatched. Listed at around $180, the Logitech Circle 2 Indoor/Outdoor Weatherproof camera is the best home automation security accessory you can buy.