Night Stand – Security

PowerHouz Night Stand Mode is truly revolutionary. By simply tilting your iPhone or iPad on your bed side table, PowerHouz triggers a night mode setting up your house for the night.
Without even the touch of a button, PowerHouz will execute a scene of your choice (closing doors, lights, turning on the alarm...), it will start recording your sleep time in HealthKit and set itself in a low light dashboard to let you monitor your entire house at a glance. In case of an incident like a window opening, a leak or smoke detection, PowerHouz will wake you up immediately for you to take action.





Just by swiping down, PowerHouz switch to a Security Dashboard Mode allowing you to visualize at a glance your entire house. The dashboard is composed of 4 sections, Security, Windows and Doors, Environment and Electric consumption. Status lights let you visualize any change or issue very easily and a single tap will take you to the given accessory controls.

Sitting on your night table, PowerHouz becomes the ultimate Night Stand App. The App automatically turn on the Security Dashboard, switch to a dark skin and lower your device brightness. It even starts tracking your sleep automatically.

For Devices with HealthKit, PowerHouz will automatically start tracking your Sleep when you set your device on your night stand and record the information into the HealthKit App. Pick up your device and the recording stops. You won't even need to press one button...

When going to Sleep mode and Waking up, PowerHouz automatically goes through custom scenes to set your house exactly as you want it. Again, these scenes can be triggered simply by putting down your device on your night stand and picking it up.

Active Monitoring: When in Night Stand mode, Pow

When in Night Stand mode, PowerHouz is checking every single minute the status of each accessory in the background to make sure no stone is left unturned.

In the case of a significant event, like a window opening, smoke or leak being detected, PowerHouz will trigger a sound alert to wake you up and let you take action before it's too late.

PowerHouz has unique functionalities allowing you to enhance your responses to a threat or incident. PowerHouz will let you alert all your residents and neighbors at once, run an emergency protocol (custom Scene) and call the emergency services.

Status and Alerts