PowerHouz integrates Apple HomeKit and HealthKit in a single App

PowerHouz, the Premier HomeKit Home Automation App just released a revolutionary feature integrating the Apple HomeKit and HealthKit in a single App for the first time. The new feature is a Security Dashboard allowing to monitor a house at a glance and show the status of multiple HomeKit Accessories in real time. At night, the Security Dashboard turns into the ultime Night Stand.


The Night Stand Mode is truly revolutionary. By simply tilting an iPhone or iPad on a night stand, PowerHouz automatically triggers a complex sequence of actions. Without even the touch of a button, PowerHouz will execute a scene of the user’s choice (closing doors, lights, turning on the alarm…), it will start recording sleep time in HealthKit and set itself in a low light dashboard to let the user monitor his entire house at a glance.

In case of an incident like a window opening, a leak or smoke detection, PowerHouz will wake up the user immediately for him to take action.

In the morning, as the user wakes up and pick up his device, PowerHouz will automatically trigger the Morning routine scene, record the sleep time in HealthKit and go back to its regular display.

Already the the most advanced HomeKit App on the market (see our features comparison at https://powerhouz.com/features), PowerHouz allows users to manage any HomeKit Accessories, create groups and scenes or automate actions based on events, time or geolocation. PowerHouz is also loaded with a Communication and security module to provide the most enjoyable Home Automation Experience.


Link to app in App Store:https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/powerhouz/id924503714?ls=1&mt=8

Link to the Security Dashboard Feature: https://powerhouz.com/night-stand-security/

Link to app video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZyqW0t2HUU