PowerHouz Is Here!

PowerHouz Image

We are excited to announce the upcoming release of PowerHouz, and we already submitted it to the App Store. As you can read in our features page, our focus is to enabling users to manage their home from one central location.

Until now, each home automation brand requires its own App and protocol, all needing individual set up. To control multiple accessories, users must switch between numerous Apps. In addition, accessories of different brands are often not compatible.

PowerHouz solves this problem, as it allows users to control their home accessories from One App on their iPhone or iPad.

Designed to match the Apple HomeKit protocol, PowerHouz is compatible with all corresponding accessories, such as switches, lights, fans, outlets, garage door openers and thermostats, all organized by houses, zones, and rooms.

PowerHouz elevates the home automation experience by allowing users to add any HomeKit accessory and uses iCloud to seamlessly synchronize between all iOS devices. Additionally, the App includes a module that permits users to add house residents. A proximity detection feature, which indicates when a user is nearby, allows the other residents to communicate and share information, all from within the PowerHouz App.

To create PowerHouz we brought together the best talents. We set a new standard for usability while leveraging the amazing opportunity created by Apple with the HomeKit Standard. PowerHouz is bringing it all together in a simple and beautiful interface to create the best home automation experience.

All the App functions are available on the go, and accessible from one screen with collapsible panels for accessories, users, and settings. Furthermore, PowerHouz permits users to set up their HomeKit configuration, which is shared with any other HomeKit App or Siri, so users will never have to re-enter their information.