APPLE TV: Zysco announces its first HomeKit App for Apple TV. PowerHouz TV is now available on the Apple TV App Store

Powerhouz, one of the greatest smart home apps on the Market is announcing its first HomeKit integration with Apple TV, Zysco Apps said.

This is the first time that a Smart Home app integrates HomeKit and Communication features for the benefit of every Apple TV owner and Home Automation lover in the country. Once you download the App from the App Store, users will be able to manage the Home Automations features of PowerHouz directly on their Apple TV.

“We’re very proud of this new integration not only because it is really fun to manage your home from your TV, but also because we’re the very first company to launch such a combination of features on a smart TV” said Denis Zysman, CEO of Zysco Apps, the company that owns and develops Powerhouz and responsible for some other 30 top seller Apps on the App Store.

Powerhouz is now the most complete Smart Home App on the market. Allowing you not only to handle any HomeKit compatible accessories in one place, but also integrating video monitoring, communication with residents, neighbors or home service providers as well as energy consumption optimization.

You can check more information about this new feature here. Check for every other feature of Powerhouz and information about their products and Home Automation news in their Website