PowerHouz Services

HomeKit Installation


PowerHouz is providing an online tool to help you estimate the HomeKit installation that suits you.  Our online tool will help you quickly understand what the overall budget should be and our team of experts will review and fine tune the proposal with your input.


Our team of experts can provide the HomeKit Accessories procurement for large orders.  Our team will take care of the logistics, delivery and returns in case a product is defective.


Our network of certified electricians are trained professionals and will take care of your HomeKit installations.  From unboxing the accessories, making sure the electric set up is optimal and doing the final HomeKit Configuration, our installers won't leave you until you are fully satisfied.


PowerHouz provides a set of support services using some of the latest virtual technologies.  Our goal is to support you without being obtrusive, we provide online chat, video support calls and even remote management of your iOS devices to make it as easy and effortless as possible.

Professional Services

HomeKit Accessory Manufacturers 

PowerHouz is Licensing its iOS App to help HomeKit accessories manufacturers drastically reduce their time and cost to market.  Instead of having to develop a HomeKit App from scratch, our licensing agreement allows manufacturers to keep their branding while leveraging our know-how to easily get approved for distribution.  PowerHouz was one of the first HomeKit apps on the market and benefits from an extensive sets of features equivalent to an effort of 5,000 man hours.

Home Builders

PowerHouz is offering a Turn-key Home Automation solution for Home Builders.  Our App combined to our suite of services provide a full Home Automation solution with the highest perceived value.  HomeKit is highly secured and natively embedded into the Home Owners phones and tablets.  PowerHouz is adding the level of services needed to make it a perfect addition to a new or renovated Home.

Electricians and Home Improvement Services 

PowerHouz is partnering with groups of Electricians, Architects,Interior designers or Home Theatre Installers to provide complementary Home Automation Services.  Our partnerships are always a winning combination for the customers as they realize the very high level of automation and comfort they can get with HomeKit.

Real Estate Agents

Considering Home Automation is always a good thing when moving.  Doing small electrical work and accessories installations prior to moving in the furniture can save a lot of disruption and save money in many instances.  PowerHouz is regularly partnering with Real Estate Groups to provide leads and recommendations.


Security Monitoring

By simply tilting an iPhone or iPad on a night stand, PowerHouz automatically triggers a complex sequence of actions and goes into Surveillance Mode. Without even the touch of a button, PowerHouz will execute a scene of the user's choice (closing doors, lights, turning on the alarm...), it will start recording sleep time in HealthKit and set itself in a low light dashboard to let the user monitor his entire house at a glance. In case of an incident like a window opening, a leak or smoke detection, PowerHouz will wake up the user immediately for him to take action.

In the morning, as the user wakes up and pick up his device, PowerHouz will automatically trigger the Morning routine scene, record the sleep time in HealthKit and go back to its regular display.

Security Features

PowerHouz is taking a new approach to security by leveraging its Users and Accessories Actions Sets Module.  By using these modules, PowerHouz provides the user with an easy way to trigger multiple messages to Residents, Neighbors and even Emergency Services in conjunction with HomeKit Actions Set (Locking Doors, Triggering Alarm etc).  By doing so, PowerHouz is facilitating faster responses times and better outcomes.

Energy Optimization

Electrical Consumption Reduction

Our team of specialists will create and fine tune the automations allowing for very significant savings.  HomeKit is able to take into consideration residents presence, weather conditions, Sunrise and Sunset time to optimize the use of lights, climate control and any other HomeKt Accessories.  Our experience has demonstrated an average saving of 25% on the electric bill.