Smart Lock: Home appliance that works with Apple HomeKit

Apple HomeKit


Update: August Home has announced that its second-generation Smart Lock will be compatible with HomeKit, and will arrive in six to eight weeks. We’ve added more details on the following page.

Announced alongside iOS 8 at last year’s Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple’s HomeKit software aims to put its own spin on home automation. Using HomeKit as a framework, developers can link up iOS products to communicate with home appliances, such as thermostats, light bulbs and garage openers.

While the initial framework of HomeKit was unveiled alongside the release of iOS in September 2014, manufacturers have been waiting to bring out HomeKit-enabled products to consumers over the course of this spring.

Not sure what home appliances will be compatible with your iPhone, iPad or, one day, the Apple Watch? Fear not, as we’ve rounded up a list of upcoming (and a few already-released) products expected – or are already confirmed – to bring Apple connectivity to a home near you.

August Home Smart Lock

Apple HomeKit
August Home, or just simply called August, is a relative newcomer to the smart home space. In less than one year’s time, the company has released a handful of products – including a doorbell camera, security keypad and a first-generation Bluetooth Smart Lock – and has done a considerable job pushing into the space.

Its latest product, the second generation Smart Lock, is intended to integrate seamlessly into Apple’s ecosystem, allowing you to see who comes and goes into the house from your iDevices, including the Apple Watch. The product is best paired with the August Connect, a device that hooks into your Wi-Fi network and allows you to control the lock from anywhere in the world.

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