Sylvania Smart HomeKit LED Color Light Strip

LED lights can enhance the mood of the entire home and one of the best and competitively priced smart home LED is the Sylvania Smart HomeKit-compliant LED Color Light Strip

The starter kit includes three 2-foot LED strip segments, the Bluetooth radio module, and the power supply. Additional 2-foot segments sell in a two-pack and a single power supply and Bluetooth radio can control up to 20 feet in total. You can also trim a segment with a pair of scissors if it’s a little too long. Each strip includes its own 3M peel-and-stick backing, making it easy to stick them up just about anywhere that isn’t too far from a power outlet.

Sylvania has a 6 feet smart, color-changing light that can connect directly with your iPhone  or iPad  without any hubs. You just stick them up under your cabinets or behind your TV, sync them with Apple’s Home app. From there, you’ll be able to automate them alongside other HomeKit-compatible gadgets, or control them using Siri voice commands on your phone, tablet or HomePod smart speaker.

Since they communicate using Bluetooth, Sylvania’s HomeKit light strips don’t require you to connect a hub to your router. Just plug them in, open up the Home app and scan the pairing code that comes printed in the instruction manual. To control the lights when you — and your phone — are outside of Bluetooth range, you’ll need to have an Apple TV, an Apple HomePod or a dedicated, always-on iPad connected to your home network.


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