The Next Generation Home is Here

It is clear that home automation technology, once considered a novelty for the wealthy, is about to expand in a big way. One of the largest drivers of this demand will be the need for more advanced security systems that can be set remotely.

However, there are plenty of other factors contributing to this overall trend. Technological advancements have gotten to the point where installing and using home automation technology is easier than ever.


The fact that a growing number of homeowners have smartphones is only part of the reason why this technology is taking off.

It is also true that the price of home automation systems has fallen quite rapidly.

Years ago, some security systems required the user to purchase a proprietary touchpad for thousands of dollars. Now, an iPad can do the same job for $500 or less.

Technologies are Converging


With the increase of Connected Devices and the Concentration of Mobile Devices Operating Systems, technologies are converging. The result will be a large set of product and services concentrated on iOs and Android Devices.

Each Brand is developing their own App to support their products.

The result for the Consumer is a mix of Apps, with different user interfaces and settings making it awkward and difficult to use.

Both Apple with the “HomeKit” and Google with “Thread” have announced  standard protocols to unify the  way Home Automation Accessories are managed.

This opens a unique opportunity to go from a complex and confusing offer to a simple and powerful experience.

Taking a New Approach

PowerHouz takes advantage of the technology convergence to bring it all together in a single product.

Instead of designing an App to work with specific Accessories, PowerHouz is designed from the ground up to perfectly match the Apple HomeKit Protocol making it instantly compatible with all corresponding accessories.

Apple has designed the HomeKit protocol and created a phenomenal opportunity.  There will be plenty of Apps supporting a single brand or a line of accessories but no one has yet claimed a more universal approach to Home Automation.  Instead of competing against Apple and the Accessory Manufacturers, PowerHouz is facilitating their implementation and benefiting from their expansion.

Designed by Mobile Computing Veterans, PowerHouz is combining top of the line design and expanded functionalities with a unified user interface to appeal to the largest audience.


A Revolution in the Making


Feb. 23, 2015: The global smart homes market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17 percent between 2015 and 2020, and reach $58.68 billion by 2020

(MarketsandMarkets Research Report - 2014)


PowerHouz goal is to build a high value solution for consumers

Solution Architecture


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