Top 10 Siri Home Automation Voice Commands

“What can I help you with?”

Siri is an intelligently designed voice command system that comes to life either with a touch of a button or a simple calling, “Hey, Siri”. Siri is most often used for simple tasks like sending texts or emails, making phone calls, or getting driving directions. But the HomeKit app has made sure that Siri can control of your home.

Siri can control a dozen of assorted smart-home sensors and gadgets and can alter the settings at your command. Here are the most frequently used Siri voice commands to use HomeKit apps.

  1. “Hey Siri, it’s cold!” – Siri knows what that means and it is going to help you get warm. Several smart thermostats can be integrated with the HomeKit app to control the temperature of the entire home. You can ask Siri to change the temperature in the rooms you are not in at the moment. Try “Siri, what’s the temperature in my son’s room?”. You can ask Siri to increase or reduce the temperature in your child’s room and the HomeKit app will abide.
  2. “Turn Off The Lights Downstairs” – How many times has it happened that you have climbed up to your bedroom, ready to hit the pillow, and you remember that you forgot to turn off the lights in the kitchen or the living room; Or you are already at the door and realized that you haven’t turned off the lights upstairs? With an integrated home automation system that is integrated with Siri’s voice command, you can tell Siri to turn off the lights upstairs or downstairs. The terms include all the rooms in the area.
  3. “Lock My Front Door” – One would think that home security is too risky to leave to an automated voice command. Siri, however, does the job well. It controls the HomeKit compliant lock apps and locks your front and back doors whenever you command.
  4. “Play My Dinner Time Playlist” – Sounds too customized, doesn’t it? Among your other HomeKit devices is your HomePod which Siri can control. You can create playlists for your mornings, dinners, or for your relaxation. You can take it to the next level by asking Siri to play your morning playlist in the entire home or just in your daughter’s room to wake her up!
  5. “Close The Window Shades” – Siri can help you wake up in the mornings or let you have a cozy afternoon siesta by controlling the shades. If you have screened your windows with HomeKit compliant shades, Siri can open and close them whenever you command it to.
  6. “Set the scene to lounge evening” – Scenes are to home automation like playlists are to music. You can create different scenes by customizing the settings of the home. For example, a ‘movie night’ scene might have dimmed lights, warmer temperature, closed shades; a ‘lounge evening’ scene can have a particular playlist in background. Ask Siri to switch scenes to suit your moods.
  7. “I am Home!” – That phrase is a joyful announcement to your family when you step into your home. It is not one of the best Siri automation commands with HomeKit app and Apple TV. Tell Siri that you are home as you drive or walk into your street, and Siri will set up your usual home setting to welcome you. The lights are up and thermostats are set.
  8. “Open The Garage” – Whether you are driving out or parking it in, Siri can control the garage shutters. You can command Siri to open your garage before you step out of the home, so you won’t have to stand out waiting.
  9. “Good Morning Siri!” – Siri will greet you a good morning with your favorite morning settings. The ‘Good Morning’ scene can turn on your lights, open the shades, and  – if you are music person – starting your morning playlist. With advanced gadgets, Siri can even brew you a cup of coffee!
  10. “Good Night Siri!” – That’s a wish and a command. Create a setting for your sleeping scene and Siri puts your home to sleep – all the lights are off, the night lights are turned on, and the thermostats are set to the most comfortable temperature for everyone at home.