Wemo Bridge Review

Wemo is adding Apple HomeKit support, with the new Wemo Bridge joining the gap between the iOS smart home system and its remotely-controlled plugs and light switches. The Wemo Bridge is small so don’t expect it to take up too much space as it sits on the shelf beside your router. It weighs just under an ounce and a half, so feel free to leave it dangling off the back, too.

You’ll need the 8-digit HomeKit code on the back of the device to pair the Bridge with Apple’s Home app during setup (a security feature designed to keep hackers from taking control of the device from outside of your home). Apple lets you enter that code simply by pointing your phone’s camera at it, but that might be a challenge with the bridge connected to your router. Fortunately, you can also just type the code in manually, which is where that reference pic will come in handy.

Once done, you’ll be able to link it up with HomeKit, opening the door to control all your Wemo accessories via PowerHouz, the iOS Home app, or Siri. For instance, after it’s paired up with Wemo smart plugs, you can ask “Siri, turn on Wemo” and have an outlet turn on: that could be for a lamp, a coffee maker, or something else. Similarly, “Siri, dim the bedroom lights” could issue a command to Wemo’s smart light switches. The Wemo bridge is compatible with the Wemo Dimmer, Mini, Light Switch, Insight, and Motion Sensor, adding Siri and Home support along with the existing Wemo app. If you’ve got an Apple Watch, you’ll be able to control them through that, too.

Wemo started out as a product line within Belkin, but has since graduated to a brand of its own – has been one of the longer-lasting smart home options on the market. Its WiFi-enabled light switch, for instance, is around $50. The Wemo Mini Smart Plug, meanwhile, can be found for under $30.

The Wemo Bridge is available now, priced at $39.99.


The article is inspired by www.slashgear.com